Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rude cougher

Some people are just plain rude and inconsiderate.  If you're coughing,  cover your mouth. This guy, wearing a black wool coat, gray slacks, black ski knit hat, with headphones on and his hp laptop open and sitting on the floor of the train facing me. He kept coughing and don't even bother covering his mouth. How rude is that?  I kept staring at him whenever he coughs and he doesn't get the point. Should I just speak up and say, "can you please cover your mouth?" People are odd these days. Anything can tick them off. O, he also is playing with his iPhone.  Why would you need both your laptop and iPhone on a train ride? Why?

It's been a very long day.

Monday, November 5, 2012

lost one

Today, I found out a beloved teacher of mine, from junior high school had passed away a year ago. Whenever I pick up a classic literature, either Pride and Prejudice or Anna Karenina or The Age of Innocence...etc, I would think of this teacher. She is the one who instilled in me a love for classics. She is the one that I called my first year in high school when I fell in love with another literary piece assigned. As time proceeds and life goes on, high school, college, work, I forgot about keeping in touch. And only in recent years, I started thinking and feeling grateful of those who had a positive influence in my life. This beloved teacher was one of them.  As I laid in bed last night, I kept thinking about this teacher. I wanted to express to her my gratitude and just to say "Thank you, and how are you?" I was going to write her a note, and while searching online to see if she had moved, I came across her obituary.  That's when tears for my favorite teacher came.

Don't let life take you away. Even if it did, take a moment to stop, think of those you love, those who cared and those who made a difference in your heart, mind or life, and thank them. Let them know. God gave us a choice to live our lives the way we chose to do so. Choose to live it with a grateful heart. Thank you, God for everything, for a teacher that made a difference.

Peter Tunney's "Gratitude" Billboard in New York City

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sandy bought out too much!

Hurricane Sandy came and gone. What's left are debris, broken homes, heartaches and words can't  even describe.  The first weekend since Sandy hit, you would hope that normalcy is back, but as you step out of your home, you know it's anything but.  Long lines heading to gas stations, broken tree limbs and uprooted trees in the middle of the road, blank traffic lights, and empty shelves at grocery stores are what you see.

We are very fortunate to be one of the blocks power went, but came back very quickly.  I pray that as the days go by, people will forget their differences and come together to rebuild and help those in need.  We are the United States of America. Unity should stand for something.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

simple shoes: gone!

I was quite upset over one of the most comfortable shoes manufacturer's going under news. Simple Shoes has "gone away", according to their website.  It is so hard for me to find good shoes. I have small, but wide and flat feet. Every shoe almost always makes my feet look like Cinderella's evil sister's foot that was just too wide! (Of course, there's always my trusted Converse sneakers that will do the job.) However, during the hot humid months of the summer, I prefer my Simple sandals. Unfortunately, they too will be "going away", as they need to retire.

On a happier note, Happy Independence Day! It indeed is a celebration! Our country is a great country! God Bless America!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

sample sales galore 2

Here we go again. More sample sales. I must point out several sales that's on everyone's radars. There's the rumored Christian Louboutin invite-only sample sale that started yesterday, along with yet again invite-only Gucci "Friends & Family" Sale at the Metropolitan Pavilion starting Thursday, May 17th and the upcoming Gilt Group Warehouse Sale beginning May 18th.  However, I would skip the latter due to previous reviews, with the early admissions already sold out, not much goodness left - and yes, you read correctly, there is an admission fee along with shopping time slot.

Tuesday, May 15
· Tibi: Up to 70% off, 348 W. 36th St
· Gant: Up to 80% off, 260 Fifth Ave 
Wednesday, May 16
· Theory Women's: Up to 65% off, 261 W. 36th St
· Theory Men's: Up to 65% off, 139 Fifth Ave
· Gilded Age: Up to 80% off men's RTW, 580 Broadway
· Ali Ro: Markdowns on RTW, 530 7th Ave
· Tuleste: Up to 90% off multiple brands, 580 Broadway
· Miguelina: Up to 80%, 336 W. 37th St
· Alain Mikli: Markdowns on eyewear, 242 Elizabeth St
· Bonpoint: Up to 60% off for boys and girls, 123 W. 18th St
Thursday, May 17
· Beyond Vintage: Up to 80% off retail and vintage, 275 W. 39th St
· Loeffler Randall: Up to 70% off shoes, 525 Broadway
· The News: Markdowns on Cheap Monday and more, 495 Broadway
· Simon Showroom: Samples from multiple brands, 95 Fifth Ave
· Satya Jewelry: 50% to 70% off, 75 Ninth Ave
· OMEN PR: Up to 75% off multiple brands, 5 Crosby St 
Monday, May 21
· Circle Showroom: Up to 80% off maternity, 347 W. 36th St
Wednesday, May 23
· Tracy Reese: Markdowns on stock and samples, 264 W. 40th St
· Lela Rose: Up to 75% off, 224 W. 30th St 

PS/ Mizhattan suggests whoever is dying to go to the Gucci "Friends & Family" sale, and doesn't have an invite, might want to try their luck on the last day, hoping the guards will be tired of checking invites....