the beginning

I'm just a simple girl trying to go through my life. I recently got married and started my own design business (with the latter first). "How's married life?", is something I hear often from my friends. As I think about it, married life is just the same as my single life with my then boyfriend (now husband). Besides adjusting to living together, there really is no difference. Life still goes on.  However, I do find myself wanting to chronicle my daily "experiments" with food and my interests. This thought has entered my mind years ago, but I have yet to begin.

As time progress, I started taking pictures all around me, but have yet to start a blog. Recently, my husband asked if I was a procrastinator. Am I? I thought to myself, not really, but I start recalling the days before finals, I would start cramming. According to, to procrastinate is to defer action or to delay. I guess I can be a procrastinator, but not to the extent of some other that will stress out. 

So as it is, I am beginning my blog - known as "Just Commonly", because to me, I am just common and will do everything as commonly as the next girl. So what makes me special for others to want to read about it? I would say, I'm so common that I relate to others. And even if others don't read my blog, at least I fulfilled my goal to start one - and THAT is what makes me me. 



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