Housing Works' Design on a Dime 2011

I was thrilled to be able to attend the opening reception of Housigng Works' Design on a Dime annual charity benefit. This is one of the top interior designs event in the city each year. Every year, a panel about 50+ designers come together and each design a specific vignette of a 10x12 room. And beginning at the opening night reception, in addition to viewing the top designers works, attendees are able to purchase every and any item in the vignette at a discounted price.  These items are top designer items that normally will break our banks.  This year, on top of the designs, this is also an event for celebrity sitings, from their chairs, Lara Spencer (designer and celebrity), Nate Berkus (designer and host for the Nate Berkus show), James Huniford (celebrity designer), Charlotte Moss (designer) and Iman (fashion model and host for the Fashion Show) to other well known designers and celebrities. I saw Mike Woods, June Ambrose and a few others that I can't seem to recall their names.  Unfortunately, I did not take pictures, and will have to resort to post from other people's posting of it. No worries, i will give them credit!

So far, the most I can find of the group of design vignettes are from Habitually Chic by Heather Clawson and John Simon Daily. Here are a few I personally like:

Bradley Stephens Interiors -  (Image from Habitually Chic)
Love the full apartment look! New Yorkers definitely know that there are actual apartments that's only a 10x12 room! 

Daniel M. Pafford -  (Image from Habitually Chic)
How beautifully cluttered and comfortable!

Fox & Coley -  (Image from Habitually Chic)
This space was cozy and warm at the same time in an event hall with high ceilings!

Katie Lydon Interiors -  (Image from Habitually Chic)
Love that armchair in the back corner and the rug!

Genievere Gardner for Valspar -  (Image from John Simon Daily)
love how colorful it is plus the whimsical factor!

Larry Ruhl for High Falls Merchantile -  (Image from Habitually Chic)
One of the more traditional rooms that combines the element of shabby chic and comfort!

AT Interior Designs - (Image from AT Interior Designs)
Love how it's a cozy sample room, with great practical pieces and a neutral palette.
The chair was amazingly comfortable and too bad the table was too big for my place. It's beautiful.
Yetta Banks for MTV Networks - (Image from Habitually Chic)
Love the large citrus ottoman in the middle. Also bought a dress from this room too!



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