lychees, litchi, lai-chi, lizhi...etc

Whatever you call it or how you spell it, it's still one of my favorite fruits out there. Like the jack fruit, lychees are popular from China and the South Asia region. Fresh lychees are not widely available in the USA, until peak season around the summer months. During other months it is also available in cans soaked in highly processed sugar syrups. I was ecstatic to see fresh ones at a Chinese supermarket this weekend, on our once a month (or once every 2 months) trip to a Chinese supermarket. It's the beginning of the season and the lychees are extremely vibrant and sweet. The aromatic flavors it gives off during this time is heavenly. Wonder why it's not even patented as a scent in the fragrance industry? If I know how it's done, I might just patent one myself.  Sorry you can't smell it from the pictures, but do take my word for it. It's delectably luscious.



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