current lust: Coach's new Madison Lindsey

As you know, I'm an avid magazine reader and I love to check out the various ads for new products out there. Currently, I just can't seem to get the new Madison collection by Coach out of my mind. I'd also stopped in a Coach store to personally check it out, hoping to find some flaw that is an instant "no" for me, such as the weight or various design flaw. Yet, I found nada! Not only was the Lindsey satchel from the Madison Collection, a perfect size for moi, but it's not as heavy as other Coach handbags I purchased in the past.  It's perfect for the city in any kind of weather!

I also think the smaller version, named Sophia is also quite a charmer. You can wear it on the arm, as a crossbody or just hold it like a little briefcase. Versatile to the easy-going folks. However, knowing me, I think the the Lindsey will work better for me. Now we just need to know what color to choose from and wait for a sale (retail $398).



  1. I bought yesterday, but Persiommon color already sold out.:)
    I bought Desert! Hopefully it looks not bad:~~~


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