Lakeside Hero

Can we see beyond the physical imperfections to what's in the heart?

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Title:  Lakeside Hero
Author:  Lenora Worth
Publisher:  Love Inspired
Release Date:  September, 2015



Former marine Alec Caldwell is happy to return home alive. The scars he carries—inside and out—are a burden he plans to face alone. All he wants is a quiet life devoted to helping wounded veterans. That is, until he meets pastry chef Marla Hamilton—who's just too sweet to resist. But the single mother is fighting her own battles. The last man in Marla's life hurt her and put her daughter in danger, leaving the child frightened of strangers. Alec seems like the thrill-seeking men Marla avoids. But can becoming a family give these wounded hearts a chance to heal?

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A sweet love story about looking beyond physical scars to what's in the heart. Then, there's also the scars that you can't see, but also require some TLC (tender loving care).  Will they be right for each other, or will they be too self-conscious or self-protective to grasp the answer to their pains?

Even though this was a Christian book, it's more inspirational and not overly "preachy".  I find the parallels of Marla and Alec's predicament  and what Alec said about going around the storm and waiting was a nice touch.

Lakeside Hero has all the elements for a nice easy read that appeals to me. I especially enjoy a story about former military men and the emotional and physical battles they faced and continues to face once they're home.  I also like a good family story. The only misgiving that I find is that I wish there were more interactions between Alec and Gabby to see how these two can grow to love each other. Gabby's fears and experience is an important component to Marla's hesitation and protectiveness, but how that's resolved felt a little rushed. Plus, the cover gave me the impression that Gabby plays a bigger role in the story.  Anyhow, it's still a lovely story that makes a nice afternoon read with a cup of tea and cookies, snuggled under a blanket.

NOTE:  I won a copy of this book from a giveaway hosted by Soul Inspirationz and I was NOT required to submit a review.



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Lenora Worth has written over 45 books for three different publishers. Her first Love Inspired “The Wedding Quilt” won Affaire de Coeur’s Best Inspirational for 1997, and “Logan’s Child” won RT’s Best Love Inspired for 1998. Her suspense “Code of Honor” finaled in the American Christian Fiction Writers’ Carol Award and her “Body of Evidence” made the New York Times Bestseller list in Mass Market Paperbacks. With millions of books in print, Lenora continues to write for Love Inspired and Love Inspired Suspense and she recently sold three books to Harlequin’s SuperRomance, still writing as Lenora Worth. Lenora also wrote a weekly opinion column for the Shreveport Times and worked freelance for SB magazine. She has now turned to full-time fiction writing and enjoying adventures with her retired husband, Don. Married for 36 years, they have two grown children—Kaleb and Carly. Lenora enjoys writing, reading and shopping … especially shoe shopping.

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