Kissed by a Cowboy, you say? + Giveaway

Can Cassidy find a home and a cowboy to steal her heart?

Title:  Kissed by a Cowboy
Series: Four of Hearts Ranch Romances
Author:  Debra Clopton
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Release Date:   February 16, 2016


Cassidy was looking for a home and a place to belong . . . not for a cowboy to steal her heart.

Having lived through her parents' endless string of "matrimonial bliss gone wrong," Cassidy Starr knows when the odds are not in her favor. Divorced and humiliated, her faith on rocky ground, Cassidy is through with love. She's been bucked off that horse far too many times. Instead, she returns to Wishing Springs, Texas, and the rundown farm she's inherited from her great aunt Roxie. She'll reopen the strawberry farm and a bed & breakfast and follow in her aunt's footsteps, remaining forever-independent, happy . . . and single.

Rancher Jarrod Monahan's hands are full running the ranch, looking after his ailing grandfather, and chasing down a group of rustlers on the loose. He's pushed his longing for a family to the bottom of his list of priorities. Besides, he was in love once but ran scared and lost his shot at happiness. But suddenly, the biggest regret of his life has moved in next door with a wounded heart, determined to become a spinster . . . and that's a challenge that Jarrod can't pass up.

Jarrod sets his mind to breaking down the walls around Cassidy's stubborn heart. How can he show her that a cowboy's kiss lasts forever? For the good folks of Wishing Springs, falling in love has never been so much fun to witness.

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I was looking forward to this third installment of A Four Hearts Romance series by Debra Clopton since reading Counting on a Cowboy, the second book.  I'm glad to share that you'll won't be disappoint with Kissed by a Cowboy, at least I wasn't.

Like Counting on a Cowboy, we are introduced with great characters that will have you on an emotional ride with them. Cassidy's divorced turned her off men for good, at least so she thought. Her head tells her she's on her own, and don't need anyone, especially a man that once took her heart for granted.  Well, sometimes our mind, and our hearts may not be in sync, and that's the case with Cassidy. Her chemistry is spot on with Jarrod, and as a reader, you can just feel the temperature rise whenever the two of them are together.  I find Debra's portrayal of Cassidy's conflicting emotions through her hot and cold treatment of Jarrod well executed and gives a realistic depth to what could've been a typical romantic novel. Instead, we as readers are here to love these characters, and their journey towards each other and towards God.

In all, a charming story in a charming small-town with a handsome cowboy, and maybe not your typical damsel in distress, but definitely one that will have you acknowledge and appreciate. Then, we can't forget there are several comical and swoony moments too. Just take a look at that cover. Enjoy, and scroll down to enter for your chance to win a copy.

NOTE:  I received a complimentary copy of this book through Litfuse Publicity Group for an honest review.



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Debra Clopton is a multi-award winning novelist and has written more than 22 novels. Along with writing, Debra helps her husband teach the youth at their local Cowboy Church. Debra's goal is to shine a light toward God while she entertains readers with her words.

CONNECT WITH DEBRA:  website,  facebook,  twitter

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  1. You write some of the best cowboy romances. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Kissed By A Cowboy.

  2. I agree, Heather! Debra's books are always a great fun to read! You'll love this one. There's really just something about cowboys. ;)

  3. Annie - a wonderful review on what promises to be a beautiful, fun romance by Debra!! Thank you, and thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!

  4. Congrats on your newest release Debra, can't wait to have a copy.

  5. Jarrod and Cassidy have both had bad experiences with love. It will be interesting to read how two love-shy characters overcome their fear and let go.

  6. I have collected all of Debra Clopton's new series and I have slowly been tackling her back list. I do love a good cowboy romance and, unfortunately, I found Debra a little late. It hasn't stopped me from enjoying them, though.

  7. You are totally awesome and I love your books! They have so much heart , humor and God's love in them! Great work lady! God Bless You! Jenny

    jennydtipton at gmail dot com

  8. Looks like a great book thanks for the chance to win one

  9. Would love to read this book! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  10. I do enjoy her books! thanks for the giveaway :)


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