Book Review: Looks Like Love by Brandy Bruce

"Who wouldn't want to watch Colin Firth for four hours at a time?" (50)

Title:  Looks Like Love
Author: Brandy Bruce
Publisher: WestBow Press
Release Date:  December 7, 2010
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Following a break-up with her boyfriend, an unfulfilling career, and a general bad taste in clothes, Kasey Addison feels lost in her own life. With the help of her best friend, Amanda, Kasey embarks on an unexpected journey to rediscover life and love, starting with a whirlwind London jaunt. Surrounded by red telephone booths, double-decker buses, and men in fuzzy black hats, Kasey falls in love with mud baths, Jane Austen, and stone cathedrals. And in the middle of London she meets Lincoln Davis, a Texan with a really great tan, and her life gets even more unrecognizable. When her spur-of-the-moment vacation is over, Kasey, a junior marketing consultant, finds herself on the marketing team for LETA, a growing cosmetics company. Kasey's thrown into the fast-paced world of promotional galas, photo shoots, and magazine interviews. When the owners of LETA decide to release their very first fragrance, Kasey's new assignment is to find out what love looks like and then find a way to sell it. With the help of Amanda and a few new friends, and with a rekindled relationship with the Lover of her soul, Kasey discovers that sometimes love looks like what we least expect.

I love a good story and Looks Like Love by Brandy Bruce is indeed one. How could I not have heard about this simply delightful, yet insightful contemporary piece?! This one needs to be thrown out there for my fellow female readers, to those searching for love and to those seeking to make their dreams come true. 

From the title, you can tell it's a love story. It's a story on love, what love looks like, but it's also a story about dreams and possibilities. I just adore that. Yes, I'm a romantic at heart. I've been through similar heartaches and uncertainties in my future as our main character, Kasey, but along that journey, I've learned something - about myself, my friends, my family and most importantly, my God. 

"I think sometimes we forget that love is more than feelings . . . it's acceptance; it's compassion; it's forgiveness. Love is action. Love is God.(134)
Sometimes we lose sight, and sometimes we wonder what our future will hold. Will we find love? Will our ambition in our careers ever take flight? And what if it did, are we willing to sacrifice it for a chance at love? I love every one of our focused characters, maybe because I see a little of me in every one of them - controlling (in a loving way) Amanda, carefree with dreams to be more Lincoln, and Kasey, the insecure, yet hardworking.  I see me, but I think we all will find a bit in each of them that we can relate to. 

So, in all, Looks Like Love does look like love. Love from the author to each of her readers and to those that continues to wonder about love. Take a trip with Kasey in Looks Like Love and remember Jeremiah 29:11. 

"Love. It is perfect. Messy at times. Crazy at times. Painful at times. But absolutely perfect.(239)

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Brandy Bruce is the author of Looks Like Love, The Romano Family Collection, and The Last Summer. She's worked in the publishing industry as a book editor for more than a decade. Brandy is a wife, a mother to three amazing children, and she's someone who really loves dessert. Stop by any time to hear about life, love, motherhood, writing, books, and more!

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