Book Review: Left to Die by Ivy Rose

“God, this is crazy. . .” (85)

Title: Left to Die
Author: Ivy Rose
Publisher:  Lakeside Publications 
Release Date:  January 23, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Fiction / Novella

Lindy Greene’s life is perfect. Too perfect. But living as a missionary nurse, serving in a rural hospital in China, soon brings the disaster she fearfully anticipates. All of her well-thought-out plans for the future disintegrate after pulling a fatally ill, disfigured, abandoned child from a pile of trash. She doesn’t even like babies.

Nathan Thomas can’t find balance. College suited him just fine until his cash ran out, forcing him to the Chinese mission field with his parents. The chaotic atmosphere in China does little to relax his agitated mind, and the pretty blonde nurse at the clinic does nothing to help him focus.

The Chinese mission field isn’t for the faint of heart. Nathan wonders how he can survive his remaining time there, while Lindy struggles to help everyone she can. With different ideals pulling them in separate directions, there is one thing drawing them together: a tiny, sickly, crippled orphan who relies on them to stay alive. 

"Why do You let them be abandoned in the first place, Lord?" (84)
An issue dear to my heart as it is to the author, Ivy Rose, Left to Die is about God's calling in our lives, as it is in bringing to light the tragedy of child abandonment, and the often grueling adoption process.  Sometimes it's hard to imagine what the world is like where babies and children are left to fend for themselves, but it can happen anywhere. Having traveled to China, and knowing missionaries that have ministered there, as well as friends that have adopted from orphanages, Left to Die gives only a glimpse. Yet within that glimpse, readers' emotions were touched, yanked and even challenged. Challenged because of understanding Lindy's plight, and finding commonality in uncertainties with her and Nathan's call. 

 "The walls of Lindy's heart came crashing down. Tears flooded her eyes, and the selfish internal struggle became moot. . . It wasn't a fluke . . ." (158)

Left to Die is a short novella, but it packed quite a punch. Possibly I'm biased for having personal knowledge of what was presented, but in all a story that motivates and encourages for good and for our personal journey. Though it's simple in writing style, the honest and genuine premise of the story pushes it up in my book.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. This is my honest opinion.

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Ivy Rose is a young novelist with a passion to create beautiful fiction. She’s been accused of wearing out coffee makers and clearing the entire house of its chocolate supply. Armed with a desire to create scenarios readers can easily relate to, she writes in many genres about ordinary individuals faced with extraordinary choices. When not studying for exams, she can be found practicing fiddle, TaeKwonDo, or ATV-ing the Pacific Northwest. 

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  1. Annie, thank you for sharing your thoughts. This topic is a harsh reality.

  2. How sad these children are abandoned. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thabk you Lucy for taking to time to stop by and share.

  3. Thank you for being willing to review my bok, Annie! I appreciate your willingness to read my little novella and give it such a glowing review.

    Ivy // Lakeside Publications


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