time for farming 1

or at least time to head to the outdoor farmers' markets, hopefully soon! I don't know about you, it's just not the same with indoor farmers' markets. It's not only the products, since in New York, we're missing the summer fruits during the winter days, but the atmosphere of just cruising along each fruit or vegetable stand while the sun is shining on you is just unbeatable!

I took these pics from my last trip to the open market back in the Fall of last year. Aren't they just beautiful?

For those who are looking forward to the when the great outdoor farmers' markets are opening, enter your zip codes at the Local Harvest website or the Community Harvest website (for east coasters).

I look forward to sharing future "harvests" with everyone!

(And if you read my beginner's note, you'll know that I've been procrastinating on the start of my blog, but have pictures spanning from months before!)



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