ergoergo, here i go
I'm definitely not the first one to fall for the Ergo Ergo stool by Allan Heller. It's not just a stool, it's the new exercise ball! Or it's not any old exercise ball, but a stool. Just like those that use the exercise ball as a desk chair, these stools works the same, in the sense that it forces you to use your core muscles. It's suppose to be even better for expectant mothers with the same logic that it help build your core muscles for an easier pregnancy period.  Personally, I'm hoping to tone up my love handles and possibly avoid muffin top scenarios.

I was at the ICFF event Heller Design booth, and amongst all their colorful products, this was the one I've gotta get my hands on!
Photo: Benjamin Lehn
Currently, MOMA store sells the red and black one, but I'm waiting for all the other colors to be available. But to show my enthusiasm, I've already placed myself in the waiting list for two red ones. Both the red and black are on back order. I'm quite disappointed in myself for missing the one day sale for these stools on Chompon's ( daily deal site. It was only $67 vs MOMA's $100 retail. To sign up with, click on the link on the right.



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