forgotten 30s

I'm currently 32 years old and I'm proud to be 32. Why? Because at the age of 32, I look back and see that I've grown from a girl to a woman, from being commonly typical to commonly fabulous and from being a person wanting to fit in, to an individual. Experiences have taught someone of my age far more than when I was in my twenties. I am confident in my self to know that I have good days and bad days, in terms of fashion, behavior and emotions.

I am an avid magazine subscriber. I love buying, reading and/or flipping through magazines, all related to my interests, of course. Lately, as I read through my various fashion magazines, there seems to be a focus on the 20 somethings, and how fabulously chic and trendy they are. What about the everyday woman who's in their 30s and took the time to educate and find themselves? For instance, in the current issue of Lucky, majority of the "everyday" female mentioned was in their 20s. Besides Fergie, the celebrity on the cover which is in her mid-30s, there was only one other mentioned of a 31 old photographer, Eileen Peters. And since Fergie is a celebrity, I wouldn't count her as "everyday".  All other features, such as "Office Spy", "Four girls, One Blouse" and the "Lucky Girl" were all females in their 20s.
Lucky June 2011, pp14, 16

Lucky June 2011, pp26, 86
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against fabulous girls in their 20s. The fact that they're already fabulous in their 20s, kudos to them! What about those of us, who are in their 30s, and need fashion, beauty and personal advice? And I wonder, can the typical 20s girl afford even half of what was worn on these features? When I was in my 20s, even when I was living alone in the city, I couldn't afford a $200 skirt, let alone own a full outfit more than $300!

Are we being forgotten in the mist of society's trends? We're not there in our mid-life arena, but we're definitely more "worldly" than when we're in our 20s. So where do we fall in terms of style? Or is it simply that I graduated from Lucky, and just continue on with my InStyle or Glamour? Possibly that was the appeal of Lucky when I was in my 20s. Now, it's time to move on, so my 30s won't be forgotten or misguided.



  1. I too, feel so much more comfortable with being just me now that I'm in my 30s. Maybe they need to start a 30s-focused design magazine for women?