mac & cheese carbonara by bobby flay

As mentioned, I love to experiment with recipes.  My husband loves mac & cheese, but he's also a very health conscious individual (so am I - at least I'd like to think so). Therefore it's not something he eats on a regular basis. So for his birthday this past winter, I made him Bobby Flay's Mac & Cheese Carbonara from the November 2010 issue of Food Network Magazine.  For someone who doesn't like cheese (yes, I know - how can I call myself a foodie if I don't like cheese?), this was no easy task since this recipe calls for FIVE different types of cheese! If it's just a little, I would taste it, otherwise I would never be a good "cook". However, this was just too overwhelming. So I'll leave the tasting to my husband. The results? See for yourself:

Food Network November 2010, p124
So, presentation-wise, I think it looks pretty good. I followed the recipe almost to the T, with a few exceptions/replacements. I replaced the pancetta with bacon and fresh thyme leaves with dried ones (therefore used only 1/2 of what was specified for the fresh counterpart) and last, I've refrained from adding the parsley leaves (since I forgot to buy.) According to my husband, he loves it and somehow finished the whole 4 servings in 2 days time.  If you're interested in this recipe, the link's provided above.



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