the saturation of the elephants

Have you noticed the abundance of elephant motifs and designs in our everyday lives? Even the latest New York Magazine issue has an elephant on it's cover (well, that's because it's about the Republican Party - and if you want to know, the donkey is the symbol for the Democratic Party).  Nevertheless, it's an elephant.

New York Magazine May 30, 2011

So political views aside, there's some pretty awesome designs out there in fashion and for the home. I've always been a fan of Dumbo, the Disney character.  Not only because he has cute ears that can fly, but he turn the big and somewhat scary (because of it's size) animal into something cute for all of us and inspired creative designers to do much more. Take a look at the following:

Resources (Clockwise from top left):
Well, there are many many more elephant inspire designs for the home out there. It's just a few of my favorite ones. As mentioned, it's not only for the home we see the invasion of this cute, yet strong animal. It's slowly making it's way into the fashion world with clothes and jewelry.

Resources (Clockwise from top left):



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