what common rain can send us

What can one expect on a rainy day? Lately, allergies been taking a toll on me, so some rain may actually be welcome to wash away some pollen. Eventhough it was a gloomy day, there are some surprises.

I’ve encountered two scenarios while it’s pouring outside:
  1. A man and a woman shares an umbrella.
  2. A man is waiting in the car for a woman to come out.
They are two very simple scenarios I'm sure is frequently seen.  However, it's what beholds that puts a new perspective on relationships in general.

  1. In scenario 1, when the man holds the umbrella for both him & his girlfriend, the girlfriend's one side is wet and the man is completely and fully dry. The umbrella’s parameters covers the man completely, and about 2/3’s of the girl, leaving her one side fully exposed to rain.
  2. In scenario 2, when the man sees the woman come out without an umbrella, he got out of the driver seat of the car, went to the trunk of the car, grabbed an umbrella and went over to cover the woman. He used the umbrella to cover the girl completely, as the rain continually falls on his shoulder and hands.
Scenario number one was of a young couple. Second was an old couple in their 60s+.  What do you think? Is it age or does it just depends on the person? May we all encounter those who are gentlemen by nature, or at least just simply love with all their ways.



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