ergoergo here!

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was great! Spent time with family, and happy to receive my ErgoErgo by Heller Designs for my office. If you recalled, I had raved about this on my "ErgoErgo Here I Go" post, dated back on May 23rd.  It came sooner than expected since it was back ordered at MOMA stores without a definitive in-stock date.

Doesn't it look great? I was so excited that I tried it out immediately. It's a great balancing act, but it's not as hard as a ball. It's easier and I do believe it will help tone my core ab muscles. With that claim, I will need to test it out a little longer and see. I've decided to replace my ergonomic Setu desk chair by Herman Miller with the Ergo Ergo for six months and see how it adds up for me.  Will come back with results afterwards.



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