made in america: bring your bicycle!

A few months ago, I've learned the game of Canasta and has been itching to play some since. As I was holding the deck of cards by Bicycle, I noticed a little marking "Made in the U.S.A." I was shock to know that these playing cards were made right here in American soil. I just assumed like many other paper goods that it's made overseas. So I went straight online and googled Bicycle Playing Cards. As I read their company history, I'm quite impressed by it. Bicycle's first deck of playing cards were manufactured in June 28, 1881. That's over a century ago! Can you believe it? I've always known playing cards has been around, since it's in novels such as the Age of Innocence (setting of old 1870s New York), but never knew there's a playing cards manufacturing company that's been around since.

Bicycle Playing Cards

And as a little tidbit, check out Bicycle's website, which has instructions on various playing card games.

With this knowledge, are you just as impressed as I am? I sure hope so and that you'll be proud to be sporting the latest "Made in America" wear, ware and whatever.



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