made in america: Longaberger baskets

I've always been a fan of baskets and natural weave items. Baskets and containers bring a "homey" quality to any space. They're so versatile and practical. Use it as a magazine rack, for bread, for logs, and almost anything you can think of. And when I saw the Longaberger baskets in the Made in America article of the Woman's Day magazine, I was thrilled to look more into it.

Longaberger was established in 1973 by Dave Longaberger in Dresden, Ohio. It is one of the premier handcraft basket companies in the U.S. now.

Looking through their website, I'm particularly fond of their Market Baskets in all sizes. I also love the various finishes they have in Black, Rich Brown and Warm Brown. Each finish will create a different atmosphere for the space.

Longaberger Medium Market Baskets - $76



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