made in america: set sail with essie

Did you know that the nail polish, Essie is manufactured in America? I sure didn't until doing research on this "Made in America" theme. I guess I was never as alert as I thought I was. It's in every one of their magazine ads, "America's Nail Salon Expert. Since 1981."

Good for them and good for us! Essie brings about color variations that mimics the colors of the Pantone system, as well as bringing that beauty to life with matte, glossy and metallic finishes to our nails, both fingers and toes. How much fun it is to see the numerous colors available to blend, match and/or contrast our days outfits or our moods? I also love to check out their website. It's clean and simple, and it gives me the pleasure of playing around with the colors available and much more. You might say, it brightens my day with a rainbow of colors. Now you go enjoy and have fun too!



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