quick bite at Il Corallo Trattoria

I've been craving some home-made or fresh made pasta. As I was out in the West Village area for a meeting, I've decided to do a Yelp search on Italian restaurants with fresh-made pasta at a decent price. The first one with great reviews was Raffetto's Fresh Pasta LLC on West Houston. I dropped in, but was not expecting a shop. It was not a sit-down restaurant or cafe, but rather a pasta shop. They do have pre-made food they sell, but you would still have to heat it up and find a place at the park to eat or bring it home. Since neither was an option for me, I decided to go elsewhere. However, Raffetto's seems like such a great place to grab some fresh pasta for home, I will definitely be back.

So next stop, Il Corallo Trattoria. It looked decent with a good number of customers, and the prices were good. They have a lunch special, an entree plus salad or soup for $9.99. That's quite the bargain for some Italian food in the area. So I decided to give it a try. I looked on the lunch special menu and the regular menu. I didn't see anything about fresh made pasta. I asked the waiter, and unfortunately, they do not make fresh made pastas. Some Yelpers had indeed misled me. But since I'm in and seated, I figured I give it a try.

Il Corallo Trattoria Starter Salad
The salad was fresh enough. However, the starter bread needs some work, either toasting it or change it. I didn't even get a side dish for the olive oil and vinegar to dip, so I just poured it in the salad and used the endive leaf as a sauce dish to dip the bread in.

Il Corallo Trattoria: Taglierini Pesaro
The entree, Taglierini Pesaro, fresh square noodles with calamari, green peas, sun-dried tomato, olive oil, a little white wine, garlic and parsley was definitely tasty enough, but I felt the olive oil was just too much. But the end of the meal, the bottom had at last 1/2" layer of oil, which ruined my remaining appetite to finish the last of the noodles and calamari.

Overall, it was a good, decent meal for $9.99 plus tax and tips. What more can you ask for? It's not a place I go for atmosphere or design. It was a decent meal for a great lunch break.



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