stewed spicy chicken with potato

I wasn't feeling well for the past two days, and usually when I'm under the weather, I would imagine food I would like to eat when I get better. Last night, in the middle of the night, I started craving "Stewed Spicy Chicken with Potato". I had made this back in the winter times, since to me anything stewed and with potatoes is a great comfort food for the winter. Surprisingly, this is what churned my stomach (and it's also when I know I'm feeling much better)!

Here's the recipe that I pulled out of a magazine many years ago, that I know longer know to whom I should credit this awesome recipe to. From the ingredients, if you don't already know, this is a Chinese dish.

If you still can't read this and want to try this recipe, let me know, and I'll type it out. I had taken pictures of this dish when I first made it. It may not be 100% exact, but it's still yummy!




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