yard sale lovers....come on down!

Are you ready for to start planning your own yard sale or mapping where the next yard sale will be to score a great deal? Before you go mapping out where each small yard sale is, ever consider making a long drive of 675 miles of yard sales? Well, that is the length of this year's 127 Corridor Yard Sale will be.  It will be the World's longest yard sale ever.

127 Corridor Yard Sale
It's been featured in last year's HGTV, as well as a number of media units, such as daily  TV news, magazines and internet bloggers.  It's even noted in Wikipedia.  So take out your maps, pack a bag and the car with snacks, and be ready for a road trip! It's 4 days of shopping, as well as checking out local eats and what each of the five states have to offer. What a great way for a mini-vacation right here in the USA. It helps the local economy, with some of these states hit with horrible weather this year, as well as supporting the overall American economy. The yard sale spans from August 4 through 7, 2011 (the first Thursday of August through Sunday.) So enjoy!



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