heading to the MOON (at least with your contacts)

Ever had trouble screwing on those cheap plastic contact lens case covers, or those that snap in place? Well, irritate no more - because Beverly Moon, an industrial designer based out in Portland, Oregon has designed a wonderful replacement: the MOON Contact Lens Case

MOON Contact Lens Case by Beverly Moon

Her new design is made of Corian solid surface, the material used in healthcare facilities, architectural designs, and residential settings. And you know it's good stuff especially if a counter-top in the bath or in the kitchen of a home is made of this material, the sale value of the home increases. Why is it so good? Because solid surface is non-porous, so it doesn't harbor all those bacteria and grime in between those screw marks. Beverly, as a designer, naturally thought about the design. It's sleek, simple (cap with grooves that slip right on to the case), and practical. I'm sure you can imagine how well it looks on your bathroom counter-top. So go ahead and get one while the price is HOT!

You can get it at:



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  2. Awesome! I just bought a pair and can't wait for it to arrive by Christmas!


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