lost one

Today, I found out a beloved teacher of mine, from junior high school had passed away a year ago. Whenever I pick up a classic literature, either Pride and Prejudice or Anna Karenina or The Age of Innocence...etc, I would think of this teacher. She is the one who instilled in me a love for classics. She is the one that I called my first year in high school when I fell in love with another literary piece assigned. As time proceeds and life goes on, high school, college, work, I forgot about keeping in touch. And only in recent years, I started thinking and feeling grateful of those who had a positive influence in my life. This beloved teacher was one of them.  As I laid in bed last night, I kept thinking about this teacher. I wanted to express to her my gratitude and just to say "Thank you, and how are you?" I was going to write her a note, and while searching online to see if she had moved, I came across her obituary.  That's when tears for my favorite teacher came.

Don't let life take you away. Even if it did, take a moment to stop, think of those you love, those who cared and those who made a difference in your heart, mind or life, and thank them. Let them know. God gave us a choice to live our lives the way we chose to do so. Choose to live it with a grateful heart. Thank you, God for everything, for a teacher that made a difference.

Peter Tunney's "Gratitude" Billboard in New York City



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