New Project: journey to know more about our Presidents and their better halves.

This year, my goal is to focus on travels within and history of our country, the great American nation, the United States of America. I've been to many areas of the country, even drove cross country twice. However, it's only in recent years, my interests in the historical aspect increased. After recently visiting the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library, and his home and Eleanor Roosevelt's home in Hyde Park, NY, I've decided to learn more about the most influential group of people in our country, our Presidents and their First Ladies.

I hope to use this blog (since it's been dormant for some time) to follow my journey. Currently, we have 44 Presidents, which means I have a while to go. I will start in order and I don't plan on rushing myself. This project may take years and may intercept with other projects I have. However, I hope at the end of this journey, I will have a better understanding of our country's history, and the very people that help shaped and continue to shape it.

Let's start!



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