So glad "Gone Girl" is gone...

Gone from my reading list. I did not enjoy Gillian Flynn's "Gone Girl." Don't get me wrong, it was a fresh story with great writing from Ms. Flynn.  Labelled as a suspense thriller, it delivered. However, I find the story disturbing. I'll try not to spill anything significant and spoil the read.  The premise was understandable, with themes on relationships, mainly between the main characters, as well as the relationships between the main characters and the supporting characters. What I find so disturbing are the ideas that Ms. Flynn wrote about in regards to the main couple.  I know the world is not perfect, and us as humans aren't as well. Each one of us are flawed, but to think there are such sick people out there, just gives me the creeps, and
ultimately I find sad. People aren't perfect, but I think there's a desire to be genuine in who they are, especially to those closest to you. Marriage should and is designed to be sacred, but in this age, it almost sounds like a fantasy. "Gone Girl" just reiterates the brokenness of marriage. And it disturb me to no end on how manipulative, cruel and psychotic someone can be on the inside, without an ounce of remorse. Yes, it's only fiction, but books are there to open readers' minds and imaginations. Aren't fictions conceived through actual ideas and experience?

If you want to come away feeling disappointed and disturbed, then read up.  I did not find closure in this book, or rather it's not one that ends with what you had hoped to achieve from reading. It is not for me.



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