the search for the perfect running bra

It is on. The search began a few days ago, after I noticed the amount of chafing and tightness my old Nike sports bra is. As the search goes further through the various sports bra or tanks (with built-in support bras) I currently own, I realize they're all either loose (from years of stretch and wear) or too tight (I've gain a few past couple of years). Many, well ALL of them, I purchased on sale, without thoughts to the support level or how well it fits my body type. I mean, they're on sale, beggars can't be choosers, as the saying goes.  To be honest, I don't usually wear them often, as I'm not much of an active person in terms of sports or working out, and I just think they all work the same.

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Now that I'm in my 30s, and I care a lot more about comfort, I'm slowly learning about the many benefits of a well fitted sports bra and sneakers (that's a whole another story).  I've done quite a lot of
online research (articles from Runners' World and Fitness magazines) and online active wear retail sites such as Adidas, Nike, Head, Underarmer, Moving Comfort...etc, to see what's important.  When you're active, it's important to find and wear the right bra. As a female, you know that when we move, so does our "girls" (no matter what size you are). How comfortable you will be during your workout highly depends on how "active" our "girls" will be.  It's a different story if your preference is to have them bounce up and down like you're a Baywatch girl. However, you need to think about what damage you are doing to your body. Breast tissues are very sensitive and are easy to stretch and/or tear. If you don't want sagging breasts wayyyy before you are to get them as you age, then protect them.

To find the perfect sports bra, a few things to consider:
  • Band - It should be snug but comfortable and should not ride up when you're active
  • Cups - There are molded cups or just smooth fabric. Any spillage means it's too tight.
  • Straps - Are they digging into your skin (too short) or sliding around (too long - chafing hazard)?  
  • Support - A balanced amount of compression and comfort is very important.  I don't want too much bounce during a run or a jump.
  • Impact - What activities will I be participating? They come in Low, Medium to High impact support levels. And your size is also key to selecting impact support level.
I went to a local Dick's Sporting Goods store, thinking they should carry a wider variety of sports bras. I grabbed a few from Adidas, Nike and Moving Comfort.  Unfortunately, none of them work. A little about me. I'm petite with a short torso and narrow showers. However I am quite endowed in the front department. The Adidas Tech, Nike Pro Classic and Victory Compression are labeled with medium support. However, the moment I tried it on, I know it was not enough.  I think finding a bra that's for high impact will be my best bet, even for low impact activities such as yoga. The Moving Comfort Jubralee, Fiona and Juno all had adjustable straps, which seems like a great idea, except for the fact they are adjustable by velcro. However, I must say, the fabric was soft and comfortable.  Needless to say, I came out of the store empty-handed, along with my $10 off coupon, unused. (Comfort doesn't mean I have to pay full price. I'm still a bargain hunter.)

Moving Comfort Juno

Well, if you're interested in Moving Comfort, they're having a sale currently on most of their sports bras and they offer free shipping with orders over $50. 

I on the other hand have decided to search elsewhere. I just bought three highly rated sports bras (for high impact) on sale from Lady Foot Locker. (Update/Reviews here.) Once they arrive, we'll see if the ratings have any merit.

Lady Foot Locker Promo Codes: LKS148MC for 10% off $50 or more, LKS14848 for Free Shipping. (Only one code per order). 

Good luck to those with the same dilemma as myself. Or if you have any suggestions, please feel free to share in the comments.




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