George Washington: The Crossing Marries Art & History

George Washington: The Crossing by Jack E. Levin is a wonderful account of the Battle of Trenton, an important event and a turning point during the American Revolution.

George Washington: The Crossing

A portion of "Washington Crossing the Delaware River", an oil painting by Emmanuel Gottlieb Leutze aptly used and spanned as the book's front and back cover (jacket). This painting evokes a patriotic sense in viewers and illustrates the strength, as well as the struggle of the soldiers as they crossed the Delaware River. If you know the painting, without reading the book, you can probably guess some of the issues and the thoughts in the subjects' mind.

Not only was the cover art perfectly selected for this book, Mr. J. Levin also used a variety of artwork and prints to give readers a more vivid image of the story as events unfold. Not that he needs the artwork, but it sure adds to it.  Mr. J. Levin wrote with such a story-telling way, that it was easy to read and imagine as I was reading it. I finished it within the hour, with a better pictorial view of the events. I think Mr. J. Levin beautifully married artwork with this historical account of the Battle of Trenton, as well as the characters involved.  It allows us, modern folks to understand them, the events, the people and the setting much better.

Jack E. Levin, an artist, bestselling author, gallery owner, husband and father is famous in his own right.  His love of his country, the United States of America and its history is infectious, especially to his family.  He is the father of re-known radio host and bestselling author, Mark R. Levin. Mark Levin also wrote the preface in George Washington: The Crossing, and us readers can see and feel the strength of their family, as well as the love of American history the family shares.  It's a nice addition to an already great book.

Physically, George Washington: The Crossing is a red fabric bound hardcover book with a beautiful artwork as paper jacket.  It is a simple, yet full of knowledge book for any one, and I do mean ANY one. It's great for middle school students through adults to read for school, for enjoyment or just for the artwork. And for younger kids, it's a great story to read and tell to.  Try it and you won't be disappointed. I applaud Mr. J. Levin for this great work and I look forward to his next work, Malice Toward None: Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address.



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