search for the perfect running bra II

(Image from Women's Health Magazine)
As the title suggest, and as mentioned in my earlier post here, I am in search of a good running sports bra. I bought 3 sports bra (for C/D cups) from Lady Foot Locker, and after several wears of each, here're my two cents:

Moving Comfort Endurance

Moving Comfort Endurance
  • Pros: The best back (see picture). My back feels sexy in this bra.
  • Cons: Everything, but the back.  Uni-boob, armpit-fat and I was right (from 1st post) about the "velcro" adjustable straps - uncomfortable. Let's start with the uni-boob. When your other half (who supposedly believes you look great in everything) tells you that your breasts looks off, odd and suggests that you never wear it in public, you know there's something wrong with the bra.  This is a high impact "endurance" running bra, and to create that compression, designers from Moving Comfort decided to squoosh your breasts as close to your body as possible so it won't move. And there is your uni-boob. (Not to mention how gross it gets when you sweat.) I am quite endowed, and to create a uni-boob look is quite difficult, so I give them props on that, if that's what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, not only that, the adjustable straps is a skin-killer to happen. After one wear, the edge of the adjustable strap end starts rubbing/pricking my skin. They use soft velcro fronts and backs, and have the fabric wrap around it in the front so you won't see it. However, the underside exposes the soft fuzzy (back) end of the velcro half, which on the second wear, that started rubbing up on my skin. 
  • Recommend / Buy Again?: No / No
  • Overall: Disappointed as I had high hopes for this one from variety of magazines' "Top Running Bras" lists.

 Moving Comfort X-over
Moving Comfort X-Over C/D

  • Pros: Looks best under shirt (due to the molded cups)
  • Cons: Armpit fat, and I have to keep pulling the straps from the top "up", as my breasts gets "heavy" and sort of "droop" down. I hope you know what I mean by that. After an hour of wear, the straps are starting to chaff my skin on the top. 
  • Recommend / Buy again?: Possibly for smaller cups. / No
  • Overall: Not too bad, not for long running.

Adidas Supernova

  • Pros: Best looking out of the box. Great shoulder and band support
  • Cons: Armpit fat, and a little too revealing in the front. I think for C+ cups, they should increase the size of the middle fabric to avoid seeing cleavage. Support is more medium-high than high impact, since I feel like I'm showing too much.
  • Recommend / Buy again: Yes for smaller cups, and for low-cardio workouts (for larger cups). / Maybe
  • Overall: Like this the best out of the three, but still don't think I found the perfect sports/running bra for me.

Well, that's all from my recent purchase. I'm still in search for the PERFECT sports and running bra. The search continues, but I will be more cautious before spending money on it, before trying it on.



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