Return to the Canadian West Where Calls the Heart

Where Trust Lies, Return to the Canadian West Book 2 by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan continues the story of the young Elizabeth Thatcher.  The cover notes that this is the companion series to the Hallmark Channel TV Series, "Where Calls the Heart".  I have not followed the TV series, based on the Hallmark Channel's TV Movie of the same name. which really is based on Janette Oke's Where Calls the Heart, Return to the Canadian West Series, Book 1, but I have watched the TV Movie.  I loved the movie, but I enjoyed the story of young Elizabeth (Beth) Thatcher much more than her aunt's story.  I wanted her to end up with Edward, but the movie story did not continue her story.  So I was very happy to receive this book.  If you're like me, who enjoy Beth & Edward's story more, then it's time to continue. 

At least that's what I thought Where Trust Lies continues. 
Where Trust Lies continues a year after Beth had taught in Coal Valley for a year, and is returning to Toronto to her family.  We get glimpses of what happened during the year, including the fact that Edward was around, but they are NOT a couple.  This story is mainly about Beth reconnecting with her family, including her Father, Mother and two sisters.  They reconnect through a family cruise trip of sorts with trouble in their midst.  As a side story, there's also the brewing love between Jarrick "Jack" and Beth.  Jarrick is a Mountie (like Edward) that covers Coal Valley. I'm not familiar with Jarrick's story or how all this happened with Beth, and I think because I'm so into Edward & Beth's story, that I can't seem to fall for Jarrick, even though he did all the right things, in his letters and in his trust of God.  

There is a "characters' list" in the front of the book that tells a one liner of who each character is.  For Edward, it says that he is a "future suitor" of Beth's.  I kept waiting for him to show up and continue the connection he had with Beth.  Unfortunately, that was not the case. He does appear, but shortly, and one just can't help but love his character.  I can't wait for his story to continue, hopefully soon and most likely in book 3 of the series.  

As an inspirational novel, the inner turmoil, faith and trust in God was well addressed through the various obstacles Beth and her family encountered.  I particularly love how it was addressed of when you wish on vengeance on someone that hurt you or someone you love and what it means to forgive. 

As a novel, it stands alone, yet gives you glimpses in the past and hopefully continuation in the next area.  As a series, I can't wait for the next. Therefore, Ms. Oke and Mrs. Logan did a great job.  This is a historical novel with background info well portrayed and illustrated without overtaking the story.  If you love the story of "When Calls the Heart", then this is the series for you.  Continue on with Beth's story and like me, look forward to her interactions with Edward.  I just hope it won't take another year for Book 3 to be released.  

Note: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, Bethany House for an honest review. 



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