Love on the Mend for the Full Steam Ahead

Love on the Mend by Karen Witemeyer is an e-novella (short novel e-book) that continues the story of Jacob Sadler, whom we've seen in the pages of A Full Steam Ahead (full book), also by Karen Witemeyer.  He's returned to his hometown as the town doctor and we see him deal with his past and the meaning of forgiveness and grace.   Forgiveness is a tough topic to talk about (and it's a topic I like to read about). It's hard to understand and harder to act upon.  Since this is a short novel, I didn't have too much expectations, even though I am  a fan of Ms. Witemeyer's novels, since her first novel, A Tailor-Made Bride.  

Both Mollie and Jacob are haunted by their past in different ways. Mollie has own up to it and believed the Lord's grace is what saved her, but she still goes around thinking she deserves whatever mistreatment others give her.  Jacob on the other hand, can't forget the reason he left his hometown in the first place. With anger in his heart, and self-deprecation in hers, will the two ever learn to come together and rely on God and His love?  For a short novel, Ms. Witemeyer does wonders in providing us a back story and the inner turmoil one goes through 'growing up' from it.  The love story between Mollie and Jacob takes a back seat in comparison to the development of forgiveness and love.  And when the end draws near, I'm disappointed that there's not more.  However, one little hiccup I have with this novella is the fact that the end seam rushed.  Either way, this is a sweet story that's worth your time and money (I bought it for $1.99 on Amazon) . 



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