How to ENJOY reading your BIBLE.

Yes, you read it right. The title of this blog post is How to ENJOY reading your BIBLE, and consequently, it is also the title of the book this review post is about.  How to enjoy reading your Bible by Keith Ferrin is one of those books I see and think, "another to-do book that will collect dust after the one read."   However, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. 

First, let's give a little synopsis of what How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible is.  I guess it's what the title says it is.  Well, I typically don't put the book's description on my reviews, but I will make an exception for this one.

Keith Ferrin has been talking to churches for years about enjoying God's Word. Here he shares the most helpful ideas and habits you can start using today. You will find ten proven tips that are equally practical whether you are a longtime Bible student or simply exploring what this life-changing book is all about.
Aimed at deepening your relationship with God, these simple suggestions will help you focus more easily as you read, remember Scripture better, and most importantly, enjoy the Bible and its Author more than you ever dreamed possible.

Did you see what the outcome is? "Aimed at DEEPENING your relationship with GOD."  Isn't that a promise you want? Isn't that what reading the Bible is about?  I love how Mr. Ferrin puts it in one of the early chapters of the book. You are to have FUN with God.  It's about God and you, not God, you and the devotional you tend to read more than the Book.

I have this book in my possession for about a month already.  It usually does not take me this long to finish a thin book as such (154 pages total).  However, I was intrigued, encouraged, challenged and sometimes even broken, and that took some thinking.  To be quite honest, just the chapters itself were an easy read.  Typically with these types of books, you read, listened and in the back of your mind, you say I will follow these tips, which Mr. Ferrin provided with 10 fairly simple tips.  However, it is the Study Guide he provided at the end of each chapter that got me thinking, and working.  Questions you should truly delve into and be honest with yourself.  If and when you have the pleasure of reading this book, let it guide you to find yourself in your relationship with the Lord, AND to ENJOY being WITH Him.  When you find yourself enjoying the great B-I-B-L-E, even if it's a start of a small chapter, you will know a difference in who you are as well.   I sure did.

The format of How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible is simple and straight forward. There's not much you can criticize on the layout.  There's a tip per chapter, along with a study guide at the end of each tip.  Then another typical element is the inclusion of Bible verses or chapters to read. What's different is that it was used at the end of the Study Guides as "Scripture to Soak In".  Within the chapters, there wasn't a whole lot of scriptures Mr. Ferrin put in, just one or two.  What he did was to add in his personal experiences which makes it easy to relate.

This is a great book for any believer, new or seasoned, because we ALL need to enjoy our relationship with the Lord; and we do lose sight, no matter how long you've been a Christian.  This book will also be a great study book for a small group.  Go out and get this book. You won't regret it.

NOTE: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, Bethany House for an honest review.




  1. Any book that helps me stay consistent in God's Word has to be good!

  2. I struggle with reading my Bible so maybe this is the book for me. Help me stop struggling.

  3. Clue Eight: I like that you noted that this book felt different than other "to-do books." I'd also love to give this one a read!

  4. 8. How to enjoy reading your Bible. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House


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