A Mother to Love

Who wouldn't want a mother to love? Who wouldn't want to spend time with their mom and do all the crazy things one does with their mom, growing up?  "A Mother to Love", the first of the Lilac Circle series by Gail Gaymer Martin is not just a romantic love story, it is a love story about family, about a child's need for love.

Angie and Rick have been coworkers for years, and they've hit it off as friends since meeting.  They are comfortable with each other, and when Angie was in a pickle with her "exaggeration" of already dating someone, so her sister and mother can back off on their matchmaking;
Rick came to the rescue.  When Rick's having custody issues with his ex-wife, Angie's there to support and fill in the role of a "mother" with Carly, his daughter through their time spent together.  This is a sweet novel that brings God's grace and mercy into the lives of these characters.  It's wisdom from His words (the Bible), that one learns to pray and rely on Him and each other.  I also love the side stories and analogies.  What it means to be neighborly and what it means to accept who a person is - not only from the outside, but what's in their hearts.  I'm certainly guilty of being in my own world most of the time, and neglecting the human interactions - especially what it means to be neighborly. Something for all of us to think about. 

Now back to the book, Carly is a sweet little girl that one can't just not love.  You feel for her character. You see how a five year old just wants to spend time with those that love her and absorb whatever she can. Her interactions with everyone gives reader a sense of how a little girl or any child can be affected when their parents are divorced.  This book is about love.  Enjoy this book, and see how a mother's love will make everything feel all right. 

NOTE:  I've received a complimentary copy of this book through a sweepstakes from Soul Inspirationz and the publisher, Harlequin.  A review was not mandatory.



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