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Last weekend, I went out with some friends to see Disney & Pixar's new animation, Inside Out.  I went it without much expectations, since I've only seen a commercial once, and did not even know it was already out.  Disney & Pixar didn't seem to invest in too much marketing for this movie.  I wonder why? Is it because it's Pixar, so no need to market as much?  And to top it off, in one of the opening trailers, Disney & Pixar's coming out with another one this year for Thanksgiving, titled The Good Dinosaur.  Two in one year! Can't believe it myself.  

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Inside Out was another good Pixar animation. It has a lot of deeper meaning than a typical children's movie. I guess animation these days are not only for kids, but adults as well.  With the subject being feelings and thoughts, it seems hard to grasp for younger ones, but I think it's a good way to help kids understand different types of feelings.  It's OK to be sad at times. It's normal to be angry and when one's happy, doesn't mean there can't be a tinge of sadness.

The animation, itself, needless to say is superb. What do you expect from Pixar? It's beautiful, but this time, it's with a more cartoon-ish approach, rather than realism.  The characters are great. Who doesn't think "Anger" is a hoot, not to mention the brightness of "Joy".  Does "Sadness" hit you as well? Her sadness makes her not want to move and just plump down.  It's funny. My favorite? "Bing Bong". The story line is good. There's laughter, there's sorrow, there's a little excitement and a lot of imagination. Go out, check out the movie and then again get a copy for your home collection.  



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