My Sing-Along Bible for everyone

"My Sing-Along Bible" created by Stephen Elkins is a great Bible story book for your little ones.  This is an illustrated story book with 50 easy to read stories from the Bible, along with a CD of 50 songs corresponding to the stories.  It also has two bonus songs of "Books of the Bible: Old Testament and New Testament."

With experience as a Sunday School teacher, a book like this is a great tool to teach young children about God and His Word, especially with a sing-along version.   This specific book is geared towards younger children, ages 3-7.  However, I feel this would be a great start even for babies and toddlers.  They are at that age where music can really be a great way to learn. 

The book format is simple. Each story consists of "Let's Read", a Bible verse, and then a "Let's Sing" section.  The "Let's Read" section is the story section consisting of a paragraph to read along with your child.  The book also has wonderful and cute illustrations to keep your little one interested.  Then the main theme is in the middle of the page where the Bible verse is located. Next, it's the "Let's Sing" section with only the the chorus version of the full song on the CD printed, in case your little one wants to sing a long.  On the opposite page with the illustrations, there's a little lesson printed to correspond with theme of the story, song and Bible verse.  As to the songs, classics such as "Jesus Loves Me", "O Give Thanks", "God is Great"...etc are all part of this series.  Keep the book and CD in your nursery or playroom for a quick story time with your little one. 

My Sing-Along Bible definitely is an easy to read, to teach and to learn book by Mr. Elkins.    

NOTE:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, Tyndale House Publishers for an honest review. 



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