Summer's List just for the summer or not

"Summer's List" by Anita Higman has an interesting premise. Summer Snow is a caring and beautiful woman who gave up her young dreams to take care of her ailing parents, and when they passed, took over her Granny's bookshop when she was ill.  It's a noble and inspiring act, and when Granny Snow tells Summer that she's dying, she gave Summer a chance for adventure and find her true love.  Granny Snow gave Summer a list of tasks to do, first being to find and unite with her childhood best friend, Martin Langtree.

I want to love this book - I really do.  I love the premise, it's so romantic in a way, dying Granny wants to help her only grand daughter find herself, her dreams and her true love.  In the process, Granny also showed, taught and encouraged Summer to trust the Lord and seek forgiveness when she was a child "bully".  However, Summer's List was a brutal read. More than the first half of novel was stiff and awkward in terms of dialogue and characterizations.  The various sub-plots were somewhat all over the place that didn't seem to connect with each other or with the main plot.  Speaking of the main plot, you would think Summer's list was the main plot, as it is the title of the book.  However, it felt like it wasn't. 

Sadly to say, it was only at a major turning point of the novel, (spoiler alert - highlight to see) Granny's death that gave more depth to the story line.  I guess it was also at this point, you start feeling for the characters.  However, I thought the plot of how Martin's brothers came around was forced and sudden.  That whole "scene" did not make sense to me.  

Overall, I was disappointed with Summer's List. It lacked character development, depth and connected plots.  I don't normally give such a depressing review, since I try to find good in all novels I read.  However, I was just disappointed. It took a lot of will-power to finish - or more like I kept hoping it would get better.  Maybe it speaks to you more than me. 

NOTE:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, Moody Publishing through Litfuse Literary Group for an honest review. 



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