The Bus Ride

"The Bus Ride" written and illustrated by Marianne Dubuc is a beautiful children's book with subtle, yet detailed illustrations of a little girl's  bus journey from home to her Grandma's.

As an illustrator and writer, Ms. Dubuc gave us pages of stories for an imaginative child.  There's the main story of the bus ride, but during the ride, the different characters ignites the  imagination to go wild.  It's a great book for a child, about family, sharing, impossibilities and differences.  The beautiful illustrations reminds me of my childhood years using colored pencils to draw.  It's a children's book for children and for the adults to just enjoy the ride with the little ones in their life.

Also, this book reminds me of the subway artwork in NYC by Sophie Blackall.  Her "Missed Connections" was a hit for me, and the art print was what NY is all about -differences, but the same journey.

NOTE:  I received a complimentary E-book from the publisher, Kids Can Press for an honest review.



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