The Gettysburg Museum & National Military Park

Our history, is just minutes away.  This is my second time at The Gettysburg National Military Park and The Gettysburg Museum since its renovation a few years back.  Both times I've visited, it felt like I was transported back to that era, that time when we, as Americans were divided.  I guess, the sad part is, for some, we're still divided - in different, and maybe also same ways.  I'm not here to go through all that. 

National Park Service did a great job with the renovation of the new Visitor Center, which housed The Gettysburg Museum and the Cyclorama.  The film, 'A New Birth of Freedom', narrated by Morgan Freeman was superb, and worth every effort to check out, along with the fully restored Cyclorama of the Battle at Gettysburg by French Painter, Paul Philippoteaux. 

If you have time, get tickets for a bus tour to Eisenhower's Residence and Farm, which is within the Gettysburg Battlefields, but private vehicles are not allowed there (no place for parking).  You will see the home of one of the most popular Presidents this country has ever had and be surprised how modest his home is.  Also check out the Eisenhower Farms, which is still in working order, rented out to local farmers. 

When you return back to the visitor center, take a Self-Guided Auto Tour map.  Follow the map and signs on the road and drive through areas that were famous during the Battle of Gettysburg.  Stand tall at the Little Round Top, and look over to where the Confederate army would've stood.  I'd imagined during the yearly anniversary re-enactments, it would be a sight to behold. 

As an American and one that enjoys history, I would highly recommend this little trip to Gettysburg, PA.  Kids and adults, alike will enjoy this trip.  In the summer months, be sure to bring some bug repellent spray!



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