Conjure some time with "The Conjurors"

An orphan being bullied, sent from one foster home to another, and suffers from an incurable disease. A teenage boy being haunted by his dreams.  As their world seem to slip away from them, they are tied to another unimaginable reality.  They are Conjurors - people with magic in them that are bound on Earth, and will die if they can't release their magic.  So they are brought to their rightful world, the Globe. And between the Earth and the Globe, they fight for their happiness, their love and the right to live.  This is simple description of "The Conjurors" series by Kristen Pham.

"The Conjurors" consist of 4 books: The Society of Imaginary Friends, Knights of Light, Guardians of the Boundary, and Edge of Pathos.  Each book will not be a standalone book, and therefore needs to be read as a series, preferably one after the other.   I was able to read all 4 books together and I must say, I've enjoyed it.  It was refreshing because it's not about wizards, vampires, wolves, vikings, hobbits, or dystopian society.  Don't get me wrong, I also like these topics or books with the above mentioned characters or types, but "The Conjurors" gave us a separate world than the recent hits.   There will always be love stories and triangles, and like Harry Potter, it gave us a separate society along with the  "normal" human world.  Unlike Harry Potter, it's a separate universe, literally, but you can still travel to Earth.

The story line's interesting (with minor draggy parts) and characters are likable enough to keep you reading.  One thing though, the villain and the father of Valerie & Henry were predictable, but how it all ends for some of the characters were not.  I was actually quite surprised by the death of one of the major characters, which I don't find necessary, even if it was written in a poetic way.  Ms. Pham written a visually compelling series as well with "The Conjurors".  You can imagine and visualize the settings, the physical attributes of each character and every action taken during the active fight scenes, and the more quiet scenes.  Definitely workable on the small or big screen.   In all, if you like paranormal, fantasy or action series such as the Harry Potter series, Twilight, Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings...etc, give this a try.  Like I said, it's refreshing and interesting enough to keep you reading.  

NOTE:  I received a complimentary copy of ebooks 1-3 from the author, Kristen Pham through a giveaway from Library Thing.  A review was not necessary.  EBook 4 was purchased.  



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