Crystal Kingdom

"Crystal Kingdomis the final installment of a "Kanin Chronicles" by Amanda Hocking.  Prior to reading this novel, I did not know it was part of a series and this is the final book.  However, I at times enjoy reading books from a series but not specifically in order. This way, I can tell if I enjoyed a book by itself, and if it's good enough for me to try the rest of the series.  Well, with "Crystal Kingdom", you'll need to read the prior books in the series to figure out what's going on - because it seems like it starts right where the second book of the series, "Ice Kissed" ended.  With that said, proceed if you would like.

As to the story, maybe it has to do with not reading the first two books, but throughout, I find it confusing and hard to follow the plot.  As to characters, Bryn is your typical heroine, but she seems to be near perfect with both physical and mental toughness.  It's a different kind of toughness compared to Katniss from "The Hunger Games" trilogy.

Her dialogue seems just like a dialogue - practiced dialogue, and without personal touches.  I did like Konstantin Black. He is a character that I felt like I know.  His development is the strongest in this book alone.  Possibly other characters were further developed in earlier books.  As to Ridley, his relationship with Bryn does not seem as close as Konstantin and Bryn, but I understand the desire to distance Ridley after what he's been through.  However, I just don't think it was well transitioned.

Overall, I see potential, but being the final installment, I was disappointed in not fully understanding the series, and connecting with it.  Again, this review is targeted to those, like me have not started this series from the beginning.  As a writer, Ms. Hocking as a best-selling author, and her works should speak for itself.  As for topic, I really would have hope to have enjoyed this book, since fantasy topics are an interest of mine.  So with that, I believe this book, or rather this series will appeal to their target audience of the young adults genre.

NOTE: I received a complimentary proof copy of this ebook from the publisher,  St. Martin's Press through Net Galley for an honest review.



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