Find your Piano Man

"The Piano Man Project" by Kat French is a funny and light-hearted urban read for one of those days that you just want to kick back and enjoy a good laugh.

Ms. French gave us a Bridget Jones-like story with a quirky character that's smart, caring and full of love for others and an anti-social mess of a broodingly handsome man.  How two very opposite types learn to be neighborly and keep the electrical chemistry at bay brings about the humor of the story.  We're not only talking about the plot, but the names are a hoot. Honeysuckle? Who names their child that?

What is "The Piano Man Project", you ask? It is the perfect man search for Honey, devised by her two best friends, Tash & Nellie.  And based on their deduction, the perfect man for Honey should play the piano.  As to why he must play the piano, I'll let you read it to find out.  Interesting enough? Definitely a "roll your eyes" type of interest, which means a "yep".

I did enjoy the funny and witty comments through out, but there were parts that I was annoyed.  I guess you can say it's because I'm into the story enough to be annoyed with it.  First off, what's with all the profanity?!! Are British romantic comedies all full of such? I understand that Mr. Brooding Hal is of that nature because that's his character, but all the others? Was it necessary? I didn't think so.  Then the back and forth between Honey and Hal.  I want to shake Honey to say, give it up.  Let him go and let him come back and beg you.  It felt like she was throwing herself at him. Is that reality?  Possible, but I don't wish that on any of my fellow females.  In all, the book was sweet (at times), hilarious (most of the time), and worth a read if you're into romance (chick literature), a light read and something to get your mind away from whatever it is.

NOTE: I received a complimentary copy of this e-book from the publisher, Avon Books of HarperCollins UK through Net Galley for an honest review.



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