Great Expectations with its Manga counterpart

Charles Dickens' classic "Great Expectations", has always been a favorite amongst readers with its own following.  Combine it with a cult following of Japanese anime, known as manga, you have a winner for both sets of readers. This manga classics version of "Great Expectations" is created by Nokman Poon (artist), Crystal Chan (story adaptation) and Stacy King (English dialogue adaptation), and published by Udon Entertainment.

To be honest, I never was a great fan of Dickens' "Great Expectations", because of the uncertain ending or rather the dual ending.  As a classic, I think we should really keep it with a final ending, and not for the readers to choose an ending to their liking.  So for me to pick this up, it really was because of the beautiful manga illustrations.  I've been a manga fan growing up, and I guess I still am.  Seeing how beautiful Estelle and how handsome Pip was drawn, just drew me in.  I'm glad I did. 
If you enjoyed "Great Expectations" from a literary standpoint, through all the words, you may not find this version to your liking.  As a literary piece, I find this lacking because it is essentially a condensed version, with shortened dialogue and narration for the full effects with the illustrations - causing the words to be choppy throughout.  However, if you overlook that, and focus on how the illustrations are bringing the story to life, you will fall completely for this version of story telling.  Therefore, I give high praise for the artwork by Mr. Poon. And for Ms. King and Ms. Chan, I can't even fathom how difficult it is to adapt a classic piece as this, and overall, I believe it's a good adaptation, and I look forward to reading other adapted classics.

Note:  I received a complimentary proof copy of this ebook (e-manga) from the publisher, Udon Entertainments through Net Galley for an honest review. 



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