Eden's Wish

A beautiful little girl that's a genie! What a great start for a children's novel?  That is the case with "Eden's Wish" by M. Tara Crowl from Disney-Hyperion Books.  Eden is a 12 years-old genie, from a long line of genies that inhabited the infamous lamp.  Two guardians, Xavier and Goldie oversees the education and welfare of Eden.  She lives a life like a little princess, in  what Xavier and Goldie claims "like paradise".  However, for Eden, the world outside on Earth is what pulls at her heart. As she grants wishes to the lucky "Aladdins" out there, she herself wish to be free of the lamp and granting wishes. When she accidentally find a gateway to leave the lamp, will her dream paradise on Earth be what she's always wished for?

As you read the description, it sounds interesting enough to myself and my little niece and nephew.  The start was a little more dry than expected with such a great premise, and my little niece and nephew gave up on the story after about 5 chapters.  I myself continued, and it does get better, with Eden's innocent and gullibility, her new experiences were interesting enough, and with the danger ahead from former genies that wants to take over the lamp and its powers. Eden is a stubborn, yet innocent and sweet little girl. So I think she'll appeal to many young girls.   I personally enjoyed the history of the genies and how it was presented.  With "Eden's Wish", young readers will see how one's wish may not turn out the way they want, and there are consequences to their actions.  Friendship and kindness also plays a key theme in this book.  I think it's a great start, and an easy to follow story even for the complexity of themes.  I will look forward to additional stories, particularly of other genies as well.

NOTE:  I received a complimentary e-copy of this book from the publisher, Disney-Hyperion through Net Galley for an honest review.



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