God wants to bless you!

Dr. Che Ahn's "God wants to Bless You!"  offers a wonderful compilation of God's nature, to bless us and what it means.  He easily interwoven scripture with testimonies in his writing to captivate readers in this very simple knowledge. God WANTS to bless us. Yes! Us - the common folks, the ones that don't deserve His love, and He still wants to bless us. And THAT is what Dr. Ahn attempts to relay in this concise little handbook.  It's up to the reader as to what they get out of it.

In two parts, Dr. Ahn first provided us with The Power of Blessings, and next The Decrees of Blessings.  Together, we have a book that gives us encouragement and build our knowledge of God's blessings to us.  God bless us every single day of our lives, but how many of us really sees it? I enjoyed this book, and true, there are parts that are a little "dry" for a simple day on the couch, but once you pass that hump, it reads smoothly.  His points were backed by scripture and personal testimonies that pulls a reader in.  In some areas, especially the point about being fruitful, it's a sensitive area that I don't think he's quite finished yet.  Does he mean that if you're not fruitful, something's wrong with you? No. I think in his own words at a different point in the book, he provided the answer, "It may not happen right away, but in His perfect time your desires will be fulfilled." (p96).  From personal experience, my take as to what that fulfillment and in what form it might be, it's up to God.  Trust in Him that it is a blessing.

"God wants to Bless You!" is an encouragement to all Christians, and non-Christians alike. It's about seeing God's unconditional love for us. It's about understanding and knowing His blessings, and in turn, be a vehicle of God's to bless others.  We are blessed to have read this book - even if you don't take into everything Dr. Ahn's written.  In all, you will find knowledge of a loving God in this book.

NOTE:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, Chosen, a division of Baker Publishing Group for an honest review. 



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