The Convenient Bride Collection

Barbour Publishing has again put together a wonderful collection of Christian based novellas by great authors in one book, titled "The Convenient Bride Collection". What do you think?  Convenient bride, you ask? Well, it basically is a marriage of convenience and with a start as such, how will the bride and groom proceed in their marriage? Will love come? Will they be good partners in life? We have 9 stories, each by a different author and each a story of how romance can grow from marriage partnerships formed out of necessity.

This is a wonderful collection.  Nowadays, it's hard to imagine people marrying for convenience rather than love, but back in those days, it's possibly more common than not.  
With mail-order brides and arranged marriages, what's so different with marrying someone you just don't know, but is opportune for both parties?  We have nine different stories, from marrying for honor, as in "The Substitute Wife" by Amanda Barratt to marrying for inheritance as in "Bonnets and Bees" by Maureen Lang, "A Groom for Josette" by Gabrielle Meyer and "Wedded to Honor" by Jennifer Uhlarik, there's plenty of love and God's plans involved.  There's also the theme of the need for a wife to take care of young children in the family as written in "Keeper of My Heart" by Mona Hodgson and "A Bride for Bear" by Erica Vetsch.  "One Way to the Alter" by Andrea Boeshaar with Christina Linstrot Miller is another convenient story of safety in a new town and a need to have a wife for political reasons.  "Blinded by Love" by Melissa Jagears is about convenience in finding companionship.  The last story, "Have Cash, Will Marry" by Renee Yancy is a story of love first, but it falls under the "convenient" theme because it just so happens the need for an heiress gave the reason for the bride and groom to meet in the first place. Convenient, I'll say.  Each story has it's attributes that gives it a good story and characters you'll enjoy for a short afternoon read, or during your commute to/from work.  You'll find out everything that happens and see how God works for those that love Him.  I enjoyed most if not all of them, but I have to say, "A Bride to Bear" is a hoot (hilarious!), "Wedded to Honor" kept a smile on my face nearly the whole time, and "Blinded by Love" reminds us that love transcends all ages.  Definitely a collection to read and possibly read again.

NOTE: I received a complimentary e-copy of this book from the publisher, Barbour Publishing through Net Galley for an honest review. 



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