The One Thing - AMAZING!!!

Amazing...laugh out loud funny, sarcastically snickered, sadly teared, biting my tongue annoyed and tugging my heart warmth.  That is what I can say about Marci Lynn Curtis' "The One Thing".  I love it. Love it, love it, love it. Need a little more?

Marci Lyn Curtis wrote some great dialogue, and funny scenarios in this teen/young adult novel.  She gave life to teenage angst and childhood trauma with depth and realistic sarcasm.  This is not about romance, though there's some of it, but about finding yourself, even when darkness took over.  It is about something out of the darkness that brings you back to you.  It's about looking it in a different way, and finding what you need to jump out of the darkness, and again, back to you. 

I love Maggie and Ben. All of it - from the interaction, their characters, their thoughts and their journey within these 336 pages.  Maggie, a typical angry and sarcastic teenager. Ben, an adorable and funny 10 year old. It's not about romance, but about life, about happiness, about finding your thing. The one thing. What is yours?

Another element of the plot I found natural and worth mentioning is the relationship between Maggie and her parents. Adults, particularly parents are human too. They make mistakes too and they sometime need their children to help them see.  Sometimes it doesn't go as you wish, but that is life, and the journey is what makes it alive.

If I didn't make it clear in the first paragraph, I'll make it clear here. I love this book. This will be a hit. This is a book I will buy (Release date September 8, 2015). This is a book I will gift.  It reminds me a little of John Green's books, but a different kind of mood. If you love John Green's books, you'll love "The One Thing". If you don't, you'll still love it for the sweet, the sour, the bitter and the cravings of salt, not to mention a little spiciness a good book has.

NOTE: I received a complimentary e-copy of this book from the publisher, Disney-Hyperion Books through Net Galley for an honest review.

UPDATE:  Stay tune for Just Commonly's first author interview with none other than Marci Lyn Curtis!! I'm so excited, plus an author giveaway, courtesy of Marci.  Scheduled for September 9th. Stay tune!




  1. Wow! What a review. I will definitely be looking into this one. I truly enjoy young adult literature. It is so much better than when I was younger.

    1. Yea, I agree. Young adult fictions are so much better these days - full of insight. If you like young adult ones like Wonder, The Fault in Our Stars, Eleonor & Park...etc, you'll love "The One Thing".

  2. Great review! The One Things sounds interesting.

  3. Looks like a great book!Love laugh out loud books!

  4. Laugh out loud funny! I would enjoy reading this one.. #1?

  5. 1. Which YA novel did I review as, " Amazing...laugh out loud funny, sarcastically snickered, sadly teared, biting my tongue annoyed and tugging my heart warmth." Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  6. Clue One! I love the bright colors of the cover :)

  7. Clue one. I love the laughed out loud part.


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