5 in 5 Continues Strong

Michael Symon, one of the Iron Chefs and cohost of ABC's The Chew has given us another great "5 in 5" cookbook.  This time, it is "5 in 5 For Every Season", a cookbook about embracing seasonal foods, all with fresh ingredients in a small amount of time.

Amazing, fresh off the book: yummy food, easy and simple instructions that makes everyone a cook/ chef.  When I first got the book, I looked through it and tagged the recipes I want to try. Boy! I almost ran out of tags. There's just too many! I'm not exaggerating.

In terms of layout, Symon separated these recipes according to the season the main ingredients are available (freshest) plus a section titled "Holidays" the time when stress goes up a few notches to prepare for a holiday meal. Well, don't fret. Symon to the rescue. Have this book handy for all the great sides during the holidays and a few recipe on what to do with the leftovers. I mean who doesn't have leftovers?!  Back to regular seasons, you have great simple and fancy meals you can easily whip up in about 5 minutes!  Yes. Five minutes (more or less), hence the title.  It really is for everyone - fellow seasoned chefs as well as the home cook in you or even if you've only attempt at scrambled eggs.  This is easy to follow.  There's also the easy Pantry shopping checklist for staples (just in case your mom or mother-in-law decided to open the pantry door, and find a few cans of beans. Yikes!)

In terms of recipes, Symon's got you cover from Asian inspired to Mediterranean, European, and even good old American fare.  With 165 quick dinners, sides, holiday dishes, and some drinks, what more can you ask for in a cookbook?

Release Date: September 22, 2015 

NOTE: I received a complimentary copy of this book from BloggingForBooks.com for an honest review.




  1. Love seeing recipes that you can get done in 5 minutes!

  2. i don't like cooking anymore because it's become the same old same old. 5 minute recipes would be great to try.

  3. 22. 5 minute recipes! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  4. Clue Twenty-Two: Another great recipe book!

  5. We can always use help in the cooking department, it's always a struggle at our house!

  6. Clue 22, I like watching the cooking channel


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