A Season to Find a Husband

What do you think of when you hear "a Regency romance"? Do you think of nobility from Ladies, Lords to Dukes and Barons? What about balls and gowns and matches? How about the Almacks? Well, "A Sapphire Season" by Lynn Morris has all that plus more. As Lady Mirabella heads off to London for the Season to finally find a match for herself, after a heartbreak a few years back, she is thrown off course by her conflicting feelings about it all.  Sir Giles watches all this on the sidelines as his heart aches for Lady Mirabella, his best friend and love. Can these two ever find their way towards each other before they live a life of regrets?

If you are a huge fan of Regency period fiction, then this will be one up your alley. Ms. Morris delves thoroughly into the lives and social etiquette of the nobility class and is fully relayed in "A Sapphire Season".
I find it fascinating knowing the long ago social 'rules' of different hierarchical class.  However, the drawback to this is that this novel tends to be draggy in many areas while discussing the social etiquette and the over indulgence of fashion trends.

Then, in terms of plot, I like the premise. I like to read about the silliness of  girls traipsing through balls, dances, theaters, parks and among the ton trying to find their suitable match in love, rank or money.  Reading about someone with such a high rank, and her antics and lists of suitable prospective suitors are a hoot. The gentlemen's etiquette is also another area of interest.  A reader can thoroughly read and feel Ms. Morris' hard work in research for this book, and I admire her for that.

As to the characters, there really isn't one outstanding character that I've fell in love with because they were all just all right. I find our heroine silly, selfish and utterly spoiled (by all) - the three "S", but surprisingly, I'm not disgusted by her. That is possibly because that is the way she was raised, especially someone of her standing. I like Giles enough. He's nice and charming in his way with Mirabella, but doesn't stand out to me.  Others are just characters and doesn't jump out of the pages.

I think "A Sapphire Season" is a good enough read, just drags a little and no great characters to grab you, but I did enjoy it enough and desire to find out the process of realization in these characters that I continued and finished. So that says something.  Give it a try, and form your own opinion.

NOTE: I received a complimentary copy of this e-book from the publisher, Faith Words through Net Galley for an honest review.

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575619: A Sapphire Season A Sapphire Season
By Lynn Morris / Faith Words

Lady Mirabella Tirel is determined to find a practical match in Regency society and then live a quiet life in the country. Baronet Giles Knyvet is her oldest friend---who secretly loves her but wants to settle a family debt before revealing his true feelings. Will Mirabella entrap herself in a passionless marriage before Giles can propose? 336 pages, softcover from Faithwords.



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