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Are you familiar with "Chit Chat", "Table Topics", "Chat packs"...etc conversation starters? How about group conversations?  Ever had the awkward moment of no one talking?  Well, with "Intersect: where your story and God's story converge", there will be an awaken moment, because conversations will be started and continued.

"Intersect" is a five week short film resource to help you engage others in spiritual conversations. This film, put together by  Rob Peabody & Cris Rogers of The Awaken Movement. In this DVD, it consists of 5 short films, each following the journey of an individual as they tell authentic stories of circumstances that have forced them to examine how God might fit into their lives.  And these films will touch upon topics like expectations, rest, disappointment, trust and control.  These films are set up to start with some questions of discussion, then the film is played, and finally additional thoughts to consider after the film.  It's set up to encourage each participant in the group to examine their lives and how God intersects, as well as encourage group interactions.

I personally find this format a good way to start a group off. It reminds me of "The Amazing Collection" of bible studies, which also includes a film and a study guide with questions and Bible resources.  With "Intersect",  it includes the DVD and a pamphlet / study guide with questions to discuss (also displayed on the screen where the facilitator or the person with the remote can pause), and the sequence of how to use this resource effectively. You can make copies of questions and Bible verses to look up of each topic ahead of time and pass them out to each participant. Most of the time, it's always good to have something tangible to read off of. 

With each topic, I find that our discussions tend to veer off a bit and go into different areas, which is great, because it did get us going. Since there are just a handful of questions to each topic and they are very thought-provoking questions, the discussions plus the film can last longer than expected. Everyone has a story, and this film shows us that, and for every participant, it's a way to share their story.  I think with that, it clearly shows us that "Intersect" works, and is a great way to start conversations on how God interacts in our lives. For believers, as well as non believers, because the films are not too "preachy" per say, but a gentle nudge at the end to examine how we can let God in.  It's a start. 

NOTE: I received a complimentary copy of this film from The Awakening Movement through Litfuse Publicity Group for an honest review.

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5443978: Intersect: Where Your Story and God"s Story Converge, 5-week Video Small Group Study Intersect: Where Your Story and God's Story Converge, 5-week Video Small Group Study
By Rob Peabody / Kregel Publications

This five-week small group resource helps spark spiritual conversations.
Starting spiritual conversations with those outside of the church is a worthy, yet often difficult and intimidating task. Intersect was designed to help overcome those barriers. It is an easy-to-use resource, perfect for sharing with co-workers, friends, neighbors, and family to enter into meaningful conversations.
Five individual believers recount their faith journey and tell authentic stories of the circumstances that have forced them to examine how God might fit into their lives. Each film is accompanied by thought-provoking questions designed to encourage participants to examine the world in which they live and the life theyre pursuing, always ending with a conversation on how Jesus intersects the current topic.
Allow this powerful new film resource to engage those you are in relationship with and then propel them forward in their next step with Jesus.



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