Just Like Jesus

Having been a Children Sunday School teacher, I was exposed to many different children's Bibles and Bible storybooks.  I was thrilled to receive this new book from Stephen Elkins, "I want to be Just Like Jesus" . The idea is great! A children's book focused on the characters of Jesus. What is more inspiring than that?

I think this is a beautiful book, inside and out. Let's start with the outside. The book is a padded front hardcovered. Sturdy for the unruliest of kids. The adorable colored  illustrations and colors of the fonts will catch any kid's eyes.  Now the inside. The format is nice and consistent with six areas to review together:

1. Each story is titled "Jesus...(fill in the blanks)", such as "Jesus was Thankful" and "Jesus Showed Love" and "Jesus was Faithful" and on and on for 40 times.
2. Bible verse.
3. "Jesus in the Bible" - Paraphrase of the story from the Bible verse for easier understanding by kids.
4. "Jesus in Me" - Application of the verse and story in everyday life.
5. Prayer for Today - actual prayer for you to pray with the kid(s).
6. "To Be Just Like Jesus..." - How?

I find the stories easy to comprehend, and I do like how the illustrations work so nicely with the story of the day.  Be in mind that this storybook is an interactive storybook. It's for you, the adult and the child or children to read together and interact regarding the questions posed. Not just as a reading book.  Also, there will be a few words here or there that your child(ren) may not know, so it will require explanation.  Many of the "Jesus in Me" application reading have questions that may be a good way to talk and inspire kids to see how they can apply what they read about Jesus to their lives.  Simple prayers that makes it easy for kids to learn to pray. For example, "Lord, help me to be aware when others need help. May I always care and always share."

Overall, it's a great book for story time with kids and to instill faith and knowledge of who Jesus is at a young age. The target age group is ages 4-7, which I think is on mark, because it is a great way to connect with the little ones that are so impressionable at that age group.

Released Date: October, 2015

TO PURCHASE A COPY:  Amazon, ChristianBook

NOTE: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, Tyndale House Publishers for an honest review.



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